rotary piston

rotary piston
döner piston

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  • Rotary piston engine — The term rotary piston engine can have several meanings:* Rotary engine, the piston engine that rotates in operation, as used on World War I fighter aircraft* Pistonless rotary engine, the engines which use rotors or rotary pistons instead of… …   Wikipedia

  • Rotary engine — The rotary engine was an early type of internal combustion aircraft engine in which the crankshaft remains stationary and the entire cylinder block revolves around it. The design was used mostly in the years shortly before and during World War I… …   Wikipedia

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  • Rotary engine (disambiguation) — A rotary engine was a rotating piston engine used in some early aircraft.Confusingly, the Wankel engine a pistonless internal combustion engine used in NSU and some Mazda cars has also been referred to as a rotary engine Rotary engine may also… …   Wikipedia

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  • piston — pistonlike, adj. /pis teuhn/, n. 1. a disk or cylindrical part tightly fitting and moving within a cylinder, either to compress or move a fluid collected in the cylinder, as air or water, or to transform energy imparted by a fluid entering or… …   Universalium

  • rotary engine — /roʊtəri ˈɛndʒən/ (say rohtuhree enjuhn) noun an internal combustion engine whose operating action is non reciprocal, its piston, usually three faced, rotating about the crankshaft to which it may be geared, in an irregularly shaped combustion… …  

  • piston-valve engine — A two stroke engine that relies on the ports in the cylinder walls to control admission and exhaust of the air/fuel mixture; it is not equipped with other control elements such as rotary valves …   Dictionary of automotive terms

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